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Here at Everything But The Bike we have been supplying motorcycle gear to Australia’s biker community since 1999. We cater to the old-school biker who wants good quality bikers gear at the right price. Whether it’s Johnny Reb motorcycle boots for your feet, a Brando jacket for your back, or an open-face Helmet and a great pair of protective glasses for your head, we have all the motorcycle gear you need for cruising.

Being dedicated bikers ourselves, we know that everyday riding is all about safety, comfort and convenience. Wet weather gear to keep you dry; neoprene masks to protect your face; helmet liners, neck warmers and Motley Tubes to keep you comfortable. When it comes to carrying stuff, our biker bags include tool bags, saddlebags, swing-arm bags, sissy-bar bags, shoulder-bags, leg bags, man-bags and leather handbags for the ladies.

On a less serious note, if you don’t mind a bit of biker bling, we have Ryder Clips for your boots, lace-ups to decorate your vest, novelty zipper pulls for boots, jackets and bike bags, wallet chains, and plenty of biker pins, buckles and badges. So, if you are looking for motorcycle gear in Queensland, deal with the company that’s serious about the biker lifestyle and knows what you need.


We will be open on Bundaberg Show Day, Thursday May 30 9am to 2pm

(yeah, I know that's the Ekka in the pic: it justs looks better! 😂)
The K6 is back! 76 years young and will sew through anything! Now purring like a kitten...
Be cool if she was real…scary tho (she’s taller than me)
New Ladies Leather Jacket
Nelson's scribbles...
Lovely old car out front the old shop last year...
Been there, done that, even got the t-shirt 😜