Body Piercing

We use Wildcat G23 Titanium

We use Wildcat G23 Titanium & 316L Surgical Steel to ensure the best healing result. Because of its three main characteristics, titanium is now challenging stainless steel as the most favoured metal in the body piercing jewellery industry. Titanium is only half the weight of steel, and its biocompatability is internally accepted. Grade 23 surgical titanium (Ti6AL4VELI) is used for medical devices, including heart valves, pacemakers and replacement human body parts. Titanium is a little more expensive, but our prices are competitive; we'd prefer to use the best for our customers. If you need to keep the cost down however, all basic piercings can be done for $40 using Wildcat Surgical Steel which is the best on the market.

It always amuses me when a customer tells me they are very sensitive and can only wear 9ct gold. 9 carat gold jewellery is made up of 375 parts pure gold out of 1000 parts, the remaining 625 parts is made up of other metals such as silver, nickel, palladium and zinc. So 9 carat gold is just over 1/3rd gold content, and is one of the WORST metals to pierce with. Even if you are not sensitive you will react to the nickel and other alloys. 9ct will be tolerated by some people in fully-healed piercings only. The safest gold alternative is Zircon Gold, which is a colourfast, golden coloured PVD coating on G23 surgical titanium. 18ct gold is also tolerated by most.

Please note that you must be over 16 for all body piercing, and over 18 for nipple and surface piercing (we do not do genital piercing). Photo ID is required. A Parent or Legal Guardian must sign a release form for anyone under 16. Siblings or friends over 18 are NOT Legal Guardians. WE DO NOT ALLOW SPECTATORS due to workplace health and safety laws.



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