Johnny Reb: Aussie Biker Boots and Accessories

Motorcycles have been around since the 1800s and people have been falling in love with them for almost as long. Not surprisingly, bikers and motorcycle culture can be found all over the world with adaptations for climates and culture picked up along the way. At Everything But The Bike, we stock motorcycle gear that’s meant to be used in the environment we live in. That’s why it’s especially important to us to stock Johnny Reb, an Australian brand that’s been making authentic motorcycle boots and accessories since the ’80s. If you’re new to the brand, here’s all you need to know:

Johnny Reb started manufacturing motorcycle boots in 1984 as a subdivision of a larger footwear company. Their impressive quality and designs caught the attention of bikers Australia-wide and before long, Johnny Reb boots became an integrated part of the local biker culture. As the brand grew in popularity, it broke off as its own entity.

For years, Johnny Reb’s catalogue has included men and women’s biker boots in a range of heights, sizes and styles that offer comfort, water-resistance and durability that everyday bikers can appreciate. Footwear aside, their clothing and accessories range offers motorcycle vests, jackets, shirts, gloves and more. Dupont™ Kevlar® Fibre comes standard in all of their protective clothing along with a comfy breathable mesh so there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for safety.

While Johnny Reb has always been an Aussie brand, it changed hands in 2016 and is now owned by a Melbourne-based duo working out of Mount Waverley. They decided early on to keep everything that made Johnny Reb great (like the hardworking manufacturers responsible for decades of quality craftsmanship). 

You can see some of the awesome products from Johnny Reb in person at the Everything But The Bike store or online. From wide fitting biker boots to cool leather vests and jackets, they’ve got an iconic look and they’re still the perfect fit for Aussie bikers.