Dormex Indoor Motorcycle Cover


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The Oxford Dormex is an indoor motorcycle cover. It offers protection against sun and dust.

The breathable indoor cover offers the perfect barrier to protect your motorcycle paintwork from thousands of tiny scratches which can be caused by dust particles. Local police initiatives have shown that bike covers can be a useful anti-theft device however they can be cut off.

  • Eliminates dust which can scratch paintwork
  • Breathable membrane that allows the air to constantly travel through
  • Elasticated bottom and belly strap to allow a snug fit
  • IMPORTANT: Do not allow this cover to come into contact with hot exhausts, engine parts or sharp objects
  • Medium = 229 (Length) X 99cm (Width) X 125cm (Height)
  • Large = 246cm (Length) X 104cm (Width) X 127cm (Height)
  • XL = 277cm (Length) X 104cm (Width) X 141cm (Height)
  • Medium suits Sports bikes, Naked bikes
    Large suits Cruisers, Sports Tourers, Adventure
    XL Suits Full Dressers (check dimensions)