X Grip Phone/GPS Mount with Charging Cable


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X Grip Mount Holder for Mobile Phone or GPS Devices

Includes Charging cable for Iphone, Samsung and Micro USB

Motorcycle X Grip Mount can be used for Mounting all types of Mobile Phones and GPS Devices

Includes patented USB Charging lead with iPhone, Samsung and Micro USB charging heads

Can be Mounted on handlebars or on mirror or bolt section of bike using the two style mounts provided

Usb Port has waterproof cover and an on and off switch for when not in use. Port also lights up when on for ease of use at night time.

Will fit all devices with screen size 3.5″ to 6″

Phones can be mounted without having to remove protective cases.

Can be mounted on the handlebar or rear-view mirror of a motorcycle

Charges phone, GPS or other devices with illuminated USB port when riding

Weather proof cap to protect USB port and on/off switch for when not in use

Charging cable with Iphone, Samsung Type C & Micro USB ends

USB output: 5V/ 2A

Cable length: 1.5M

The spring loaded X grip can adjust the dimension of bracket, to ensure tight fitment of equipment