Queensland Bike Adventures – A great place to ride

If you’re a biker who’s in or near Queensland, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to places to ride. Your next adventure could take you along long stretches of winding highway past awesome scenery, through narrow trails in grasslands and rainforests, along the sandy shore or thousands of other gorgeous terrains in between. Let’s have a look at some great motorcycling destinations in Queensland:

Lions Road

This road is full of fun twists and turns with amazing views of the surrounding mountains, valleys and ranches. Originally built by the Lions Clubs of Kyogle and Beaudesert, Lions Road’s maintenance is partially funded by money from the collection box on the border. You’ll cross the creek more than once and meet a campground with facilities you can use if you’d like to spend the night. If you’re up for a bit more sightseeing you can stop by the Spiral Loop Railway lookout on your ride too.

Boolboonda Tunnel

If you’re looking for something a little different, Boolboonda Tunnel may be just what you need. This historic unsupported railway tunnel was built in 1882 and stayed active until the 60s. Some parts of the tunnel are paved with bitumen and others are gravel so not all bikes and riders are suited to the journey. You may meet a bit of vehicular and cattle traffic but it’s still a great ride. You may even encounter some of the little bent-wing bats that have made their home there!

Mount Glorious

The very appropriately named Mount Glorious is close to Brisbane’s CBD but manages to feel light-years away. This is a ride you’ll want to take slowly because of the state of those fabulously winding roads and because you won’t want to miss the scenery as it changes from farmland to eucalyptus forest and dense rainforest. Stay vigilant as the terrain is full of surprises that can lead to injury if you’re caught unaware but this is definitely one for your bucket list.

Mount Coot-Tha 

Another scenic ride that’s easy to get to from Brisbane, “Coot-tha Loop” offers 10km of bitumen surface which can be managed by beginners. Frequented by bikers, horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists, Mount Coot-Tha is a local favourite and even attracts its fair share of visitors from overseas. If you reach the summit, you’ll love the panoramic view of Brisbane from the lookout and you can treat yourself to something tasty at the Kuta Cafe or Summit Restaurant before you make the trip back down.  

Captain Cook Highway 

This highway lets you ride right alongside the coast for a view that’s absolutely majestic whether you’re in motion or you stop to drink it all in from one of the many lookouts. The twists and turns should be taken cautiously (especially when the road is busier) but they help make for a more interesting ride. If you feel like heading down to the beach there are quite a few access points you can use. Be mindful of the changes to the speed limit as you pass through different townships.

Your motorcycle can be your ticket to freedom, your ride to all sorts of adventures that no other vehicle can really substitute for. We hope this list has given you some inspiration for your next adventure (and don’t forget to stop by EBTB first if you need any new gear)!